Frequently asked Question

  • How do we begin drinking Kangen Water?
  • It is most common to begin by setting a low pH1 level (between pH8 and pH9.0), and gradually increasing the amount of intake. After continuing regular intake for about two weeks, gradually adjust the pH level and amount of intake (between pH9.0-pH9.5) based on your bodily needs and physical condition. The Kangen Water should be as fresh as possible.

    For children or seniors, set the pH level at an even lower level upon starting, and gradually increase it as the body adjusts to the current pH level. In the case of infants (until about a year old), since breast milk or milk is the only thing they consume, the intestinal movement is generally different from adults, and the use of Kangen Water is not encouraged until the infant begins to consume more sophisticated foods. In any case, Kangen Water should not be used to make powdered milk for infants.

  • Will my acidic stomach neutralize the alkaline water?
  • The stomach is not always acidic as normal physiology suggests. When we eat, hydrochloric acid is released in response to the presence of both protein and the stretching of the stomach as food gets consumed.

    Water, similar to alcohol, is absorbed directly through the stomach lining without activating the release of hydrochloric acid. Therefore, if a person drinks alkaline water on an empty stomach before meals, the water will be quickly absorbed and circulated throughout the body.

  • How long does the ORP remain effective?
  • ORP or Oxidation Reduction Potential (Antioxidant) of alkaline ionized water decline quickly so it is best to drink it straight from the ionizer.

    If you decide to store it in a container, the ORP values will typically drop by 50 percent within the first 24 hours and revert back to its original values within 48 hours or so.

  • How long will my water ionizer typical last?
  • Due to the thick, large titanium electrode plates, coated in platinum (completely rust proof), Kangen water ionizers typically last 15 to 25 years compared to other brands which typically lasts 2 to 3 years on average.

  • How long will each filter cartridge last?
  • Each filter cartridge will last for approximately 9,000 litres. An averaged sized family typically consumes 15 to 25 litres of water a day. So one filter cartridge will last for about 12 to 18 months.Also it depends upone the TDS of water which we are supplying.

  • Is there a hot water dispense option?
  • No. Only water at room temperature is dispensed. Boiling or freezing ionized water will reduce or even make it lose its beneficial properties.

  • Will the state of the water change when heated or refrigerated?
  • The state of the water does change when the water is heated or chilled. When heated, the ORP and pH changes. When chilled, the ORP will change but the pH will remain the same for up to a week based on the quality of water.

  • Can Kangen Water be used to take medication?
  • Kangen Water is intended for everyday drinking and cooking rather than for drinking with medication. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare gives the following directions: Do not take medication with machine-produced water. Do not drink machine-produced water if you have anaciditas


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